Gluetec ends the year with a forecast predicting an increase of production in 2018. ”We are currently getting ready for a production increase” says Thomas Karlsson, chairman of Gluetec AB.

The merger with Gluetec Piteå earlier this year is one example of accommodating the increased production levels. With this merger the operations in Piteå and Sorsele were tied closer to each other, creating more possibilities for product development and manufacturing. Apart from strain gauge measurement, quality assembly and gluing works, Gluetec is now able to provide complete solutions featuring metal works and production of transducer elements, fixtures and prototypes.

Gluetec Piteå, formerly Piteå Verktygs AB, was previously a subcontractor of Gluetec. Along with the merger, Gluetec is gaining access to valuable key competence. A technology team is already being set up, consisting of four specialists from both locations. Designed to support the growing operations, the team will be specialized in product design and production development.

– The forecasts are very promising and we are currently getting ready for a production increase next year. Continuous improvements in our production process and quality management systems are a few of the activities that will help us deliver and reach our quality targets, Karlsson explains.

In order to stay on target with our quality objectives, one of our goals is to become compliant with ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 during the first quarter of 2018. The Gluetec Piteå facilities will also introduce double shifts for one of its machines to further support the production increase.