The Gluetec AB Board of Directors has appointed Helena Back as the new CEO, effective from January 1st 2018. During the past 11 years, Helena has successfully led the Sorsele plant as Factory Manager and will now continue to develop the Sorsele and Piteå operations in the position of CEO.

Helena Back has been employed by Gluetec since 2004 and has more than 11 years of experience of successfully leading the operations. She succeeds Thomas Karlsson, interim CEO who will now return to his previous position as Chairman of Gluetec AB and CEO of parent company Garga Group AB.

– It has been incredibly fun and such an learning experience to see Gluetec evolve into the knowledge-intensive company that it is today. I now look forward continuing to develop our business and offer together with our amazing team and clients, Helena Back says.

The expansion of the company and the fact that Gluetec now includes operations in two locations has evoked a wish for a more permanent solution. As of the merger with Gluetec Piteå in 2017, Gluetec AB now employs 19 specialists in Sorsele and Piteå, Sweden.

– Helena has successfully shaped Gluetec into a high-performing and profitable company with a key focus on staff, quality and efficiency. Our Board of Directors and the owners of Garga Group AB are delighted to have Helena onboard as CEO. Looking forward, our ambition is to maintain the high standard in quality and delivery while continuing our expansion, says Thomas Karlsson, Chairman of Gluetec AB.