Gluetec AB expands production capacity through an extended partnership with HBM, one of our largest and oldest contractors. In addition to collaboration concerning product development in strain gauge technology, HBM will provide Gluetec with subcontracted production services. Initially the partnership will increase production capacity with 20 percent. A total increase of up to 50 percent is fully realistic.

The extended partnership includes semi-manufactures of transducers from HBM productions. Completion and quality controls are then performed by Gluetec in Sweden. In addition to an increased production capacity, this also contributes to greater flexibility in future client projects.

– This collaboration enables us to scale up our production within a short period of time. We consider it to be realistic to increase production with up to 50 percent if needed, says Helena Back, CEO of Gluetec AB.

German-based HBM is a world leader in test and measurement products with operations in 30 countries worldwide. The solutions and know-how of HBM has had a significant role in the Gluetec product development for the past 16 years.

– We have worked together for more than 16 years. We are glad to help Gluetec to keep world class quality and increasing the capacity, says Joachim Lehnert, Sales Engineer at HBM Sweden.

The partnership with HBM is the second production increasing initiative within a short period of time. In 2017 Gluetec AB merged with Gluetec Piteå, former Piteå Verktygs AB. The merger resulted in Gluetec obtaining full control over – and possibility of own development of – machining, cutting and high precision mechanical construction. Through this merger Gluetec has ensured production of certain critical components, prototypes, aids and fixtures, as well as strengthened the mechanical competence within the company.

For more information, please contact:

Helena Back, CEO Gluetec AB
+46 (0)952 552 80